Aftab is a monthly publication through which members of the NYU community can exchange ideas, share their literary and artistic talents and communicate on the topic of Islam and the broad range of issues facing the Muslim community.

Bridges: Muslim-Jewish Dialogue at NYU is a student-run organisation that seeks to bring together Jewish and Muslim students to engage in constructive discussions of our faiths.

Islamic Students Union at NYU
Islamic Student Union at NYU Abu Dhabi is a student-led group at NYUAD. The main purpose of the group is to provide social and spiritual support for those who consider themselves Muslims and for those who want to learn more about Islam and its values.

MuCH: Muslim-Christian Dialogue at NYU
MuCh: Muslim-Christian Dialogue at NYU provides a safe space to discuss Islam and Christianity. The group dialogue is open to Muslims, Christians, people of any faith, and people of no faith at all with all levels of spirituality. It is a presentation of Muslim and Christian voices on campus. MuCh acknowledges the differences and similarities that exist between differing faiths and seeks to actively acknowledge them. Similarities allow people of differing faiths to come together on common ground and unity. Sustained friendships and cooperation through differences allow people to learn how to respect and honour one another.

NYU Muslim Students Association
MSA: The United Muslim Association is a student-run organisation that serves as the undergraduate wing of the broader Islamic Center at NYU. It seeks to foster a sense of community among Muslims on campus as well as in the New York City area, granting them a means to worship, learn and interact. This is achieved by providing the community with a variety of spiritual, political, da’wah-related, athletic, and social programs and services. Furthermore, the UMA aims to foster interfaith relations within NYU through various dialogue-promoting events.

NYU POLY Muslim Students Association
NYU POLY MSA: The Muslim Students Association is dedicated to providing NYU-POLY students the opportunity to come together in a Muslim environment with the goal of learning about Islam, its faith, and its practices. All students and community members are welcome to MSA activities and events.

Shuruq seeks to provide an outlet for the celebration of Muslim identity as well as a platform for the real intellectual voices on Islamic thoughts and beliefs. We seek to foster an attitude of greater harmony and understanding within the NYU and broader NYC community.





Muslim Graduate Student Group
The Muslim Graduate Student Group creates a safe space where Masters and PhD students from various academic and religious backgrounds can engage in meaningful intellectual discourse without compromising their religious beliefs. The Graduate Student Group offers these students opportunities to improve and debate their research and prepare them for future careers. This development means that in the next several years, more and more Americans will be learning about Islam from a range of Muslim experts and scholars.

Muslim Dental Student Association
The Muslim Dental Students Association promotes the general welfare of the Muslim student body and provides support for Muslims students. It also aims to raise awareness in the general dental school community about issues concerning Muslims.

Muslim Law Student Association
The Muslim Law Student Association seeks to foster community and serve the social, religious, and intellectual needs of Muslim students at the New York University School of Law. We also intend to provide a much needed forum open to all students, staff, and faculty of NYU School of Law designed to encourage free dialogue and debate on any number of issues relating to Islamic law, society and the politics concerning the U.S. and the Muslim world.

Muslim Medical Student Association
The Muslim Medical Students Association organises the cultural, professional and spiritual life of its student body, while also initiating community oriented programs focusing on health-related issues. Recently, the Muslim MSA held a pioneering day-long conference entitled “Islam and Health—Treating Muslims: An Interdisciplinary Perspective.” This one-day panel explored, for the first time, the impact of Islam on the health care practices of Muslims. To begin to demonstrate the role of the Islamic tradition on Muslim practices, an interdisciplinary group of academics across the fields of anthropology, ethics, medicine, public policy, religious studies and sociology shared their thoughts, research and experiences at this conference held at New York University’s School of Medicine.

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The Islamic Center at NYU serves a diverse Muslim population in the New York and the tri-state area. We provide a safe place for individuals with multiple points of entry to learn, pray, socialize and utilize a space situated at intellectual and spiritual crossroads.


  • Friday Jummah1:15 PM to 2:00 PM
  • Monday - Saturday8:00 AM to 12:00 AM
  • Sunday:12:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Islamic Center at New York University

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