Student Groups

MuCH: Muslim-Christian Dialogue at NYU

MuCh: Muslim-Christian Dialogue at NYU provides a safe space to discuss Islam and Christianity. The group dialogue is open to Muslims, Christians, people of any faith, and people of no faith at all with all levels of spirituality. It is a presentation of Muslim and Christian voices on campus. MuCh acknowledges the differences and similarities that exist between differing faiths and seeks to actively acknowledge them. Similarities allow people of differing faiths to come together on common ground and unity. Sustained friendships and cooperation through differences allow people to learn how to respect and honor one another.

Muslim Graduate Student Group

The Muslim Graduate Student Group creates a safe space where Masters and PhD students from various academic and religious backgrounds can engage in meaningful intellectual discourse without compromising their religious beliefs. The Graduate Student Group offers these students opportunities to improve and debate their research and prepare them for future careers. This development means that in the next several years, more and more Americans will be learning about Islam from a range of Muslim experts and scholars.


Aftab is the literary magazine of the Islamic Center at New York University. This seasonal publication is meant to serve as a literary and artistic outlet for members of the community to express their thoughts and ideas as well as communicate on the topic of Islam and the broad range of issues facing the Muslim community. We showcase poetry, prose, short stories, creative writing, essays, artwork, illustrations, photography, etc.

Islamic Students Union at NYU

Islamic Student Union at NYU Abu Dhabi is a student-led group at NYUAD. The main purpose of the group is to provide social and spiritual support for those who consider themselves Muslims and for those who want to learn more about Islam and its values.

Muslim Student Association

The New York University Muslim Students Association is an undergraduate club which engages students of different origins, nationalities, and cultures who are passionate about Islam. The MSA seeks to do this by organizing religious, educational, social, civic, and philanthropic events that reflect the spirit of Islam. Above all, we understand students are at varied levels in their own understanding of faith, and we welcome everyone, regardless of the extent of one’s religious knowledge or determination.

Tandon MSA

The Muslim Students Association is dedicated to providing NYU-Tandon students the opportunity to come together in a Muslim environment with the goal of learning about Islam, its faith, and its practices. All students and community members are welcome to MSA activities and events

IC Professionals Group

IC Professionals (ICP) is an exciting programmatic initiative of the Islamic Center at NYU. We aim to mobilize Muslims across New York City to meet their unique spiritual, professional, service-oriented, and social needs — regardless of educational background, employment status, or profession. From halaqa hikes to Eid celebrations to soup kitchen service projects, ICP is committed to providing meaningful experiences for our diverse, growing community. Our group is open to all community members ages 23 and up, and families are welcome! No affiliation with NYU is required.


Convert(s)ations is a convert lead and driven third space initiative dedicated to serving spiritual seekers and Muslim converts. Sponsored by the Islamic Center of NYU (ICNYU), Convert(s)ations is an open and safe environment committed to supporting individuals newly entering Islam, as well as converts who have been a part of the community for decades. Through discussion groups, educational programming, community events, activism, and our convert support system, Convert(s)ations seeks to empower converts using peer dialogue and education in order to foster holistic and sustainable individual and collective spiritual growth. Through these efforts, we aim to create a healing space for Muslims of diverse personal narratives. Our members hail from all social, ethnic, and economic backgrounds, and have entered Islam from a variety of faith and secular traditions.

IC Alumni Association

Details Coming Soon

IC Women's Initiative

The ICNYU Women’s Initiative is an all-encompassing initiative aimed at serving the Muslim female community of the New York City region. Our goal is to empower Muslim women, create strong bonds of sisterhood and provide space for spiritual, social, emotional, and personal growth. The group is open to women of all ages and backgrounds.

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