ICNYU Alumni Patrons Circle

You may remember what it was like when you were a student at the Islamic Center at NYU. Frequent late-night gatherings, strengthening faith, laughter and support can still be found within our center. At the Islamic Center, each and every day we are working to provide a strong foundation rooted in Islam, so that our students have the most powerful tool to carry with them throughout their lives. We continue to work with young Muslims to provide them a safe space to grow, explore and strive to their full potential. Especially in challenging times such as these, we see immense hope for better days through the potential we see in our Muslim youth.


We now have over 3,000 Muslim students at NYU that come from all corners of the world and from diverse backgrounds. They are studying everything from music to neuroscience and are active on campus in New York City, Abu Dhabi and Shanghai. They are student senators, research assistants, campus ambassadors, orientation leaders, recipients of full scholarships, and named NYU Most Influential year after year. In order to ensure we can continue to support our students, we are calling on you to join our ICNYU Alumni Patrons Circle.


Your contributions will allow us to continue to grow as a center and provide opportunities for students who are here, as well as those who will come in the future. We want to ensure we can continue to provide a strong sense of identity for our students so they can go out and make positive changes in every community.. 

Exclusive Benefits for ICNYU Alumni Patrons

Membership in the ICNYU Alumni Patrons Circle comes with exclusive benefits, including pre-event meet and greets with speakers and special guests,  discounts and/or early purchase tickets for select events and arranging ICNYU staff to come to your city, wherever you may be. 

All registrations are tax-deductible. If you prefer to register by cash or check, please email


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