Admera Khan is in her final year at NYU, studying Politics, Spanish, and Public Policy and Management. Originally from the quiet suburbs of Long Island, she enjoys driving and attempting to cook foods as seen on Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown. During her junior year she was approached by Aftab e-board members to apply for a position. Later that year she served as the Secretary. After accepting the position as president, she understood that Aftab was a necessary outlet to express her interests for languages and poetry which she believes are vital tools for self-growth. Aftab serves as a tangible expressive outlet, thriving on students that aren’t afraid to share the individuality of their voice and their minds.
Vice President 
Rihab Mahmood is a Junior studying an unconventional mix of Psychology, South Asian Studies, Politics, and Computer Science. Talk to her about feminism. Currently, Rihab is interning at Sakhi for South Asian Women where she is able to further explore her passions in social justice and gender equality. She is most interested in utilizing narrative therapy and the arts as a way to work through trauma and hopes to implement this into her future career. She firmly believes that Aftab is one of the most valuable ways to document and express the diverse narratives present within the Muslim community.
Aziz Adib is a senior in CAS, studying journalism and urban design & architecture studies. He got involved with Aftab his sophomore year, and joined the e-board for his junior year and now serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the magazine. Aziz loves to write, but often finds it difficult to get it going. But when he does, he focuses on identity, masculinity, and urban life. Aftab is important to Aziz because it is an opportunity to show non-Muslims the diversity that exists in Islam, in ways other than race and culture. Writing and art expression is an important tool to share experiences to those not only outside of a community, but those inside who may not understand their counterparts.
untitled-12Creative Head 
Rafi Rizwan is a computer science student at the school of engineering, but unlike most of his fellow nerds (students) he sees coding as a form of art, just like writing. To him, it’s all about creative expression through syntactic structures of language and a sort of rhythmic design that flows through anything you write, code or not. That drew him to Aftab and one day that tiny wellspring of passion turned into the position of creative head of Aftab. Small things always come together and mean so much; small lines of code, small lines of poetry, volumes and volumes of unspoken meaning.
Fatima Chaudhry is a Sophomore studying Economics and Computer Science. Currently, Fatima interns at Saint Laurent in Corporate Store Planning. Aside from her glamorous internship on Fifth Ave., you can find her exploring the neighborhood of Jackson Heights, searching for the best chicken tikka masala you can find in the five boroughs.
Ikra Zulfiqar is in her sophomore year at NYU and she is from Long Island. She is obsessed with puppies and fashion, and play the guitar and violin. She is also a huge chai enthusiast. She was initially drawn towards Aftab due to her love for the arts, especially writing and drawing, and her desire to find a platform in which underrepresented groups of artists could collectively share their work.
Member of the Editorial Team

Hajra Jamal is a sophomore in Gallatin interested in narrative medicine and medical ethics. She joined Aftab because she feels that being in touch with one’s cultural and religious roots is important for a holistic creative process. Hajra’s favorite things to write are poems and strongly worded analytical papers.

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The Islamic Center at NYU serves a diverse Muslim population in the New York and the tri-state area. We provide a safe place for individuals with multiple points of entry to learn, pray, socialize and utilize a space situated at intellectual and spiritual crossroads.



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