Straight Talk with Sisters featuring Mona Haydar

Event details

  • Friday | 02/17/2017
  • 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
  • 238 Thompson St, 4th Floor, New York, New York 10012


Note: You will need to show a government issued ID (i.e. Driver’s License) in order to enter the building.

We are excited to invite you to our Straight Talk with Sisters (STWS) series featuring Mona Haydar. We will meet the 3rd Friday of every month discussing a new topic with guidance from Mona. Each gathering will begin with a brief introduction to a topic, followed by time for questions and group discussion on communicating love.

Join us this Friday, February 17th for STWS and pot luck desserts so please bring your favorite desserts.

This year during Straight Talk with Sisters we will focus on that mysterious and powerful thing called communication. When wielded with intention, communication can be a tool for personal transformation and growth in addition to societal and social change. Communication can engender love and it can create hate. How might we best serve the Divine and our beloveds in humanity by using our own unique voices and styles to help build and bolster this burgeoning revolution. And yes- all by talking and communicating! Let us come together as sisters this year over delicious desserts, and conversations to discuss our roles as agents of this revolution of love.

About Mona Haydar:
Mona Haydar is a performance poet, activist, life-enthusiast and liberationist. She grew up in Flint, Michigan, graduated from the University of Michigan and has since lived in Damascus where she studied Arabic and Islamic spirituality then went on to live in the mountains of Northern New Mexico at Lama Foundation and in the Redwood forest of Northern California with her husband and son. They are devoted to a life of living gently on the Earth. Mona and her husband, Sebastian set up a stand in Cambridge, Massachusetts with signs that read ‘Talk to a Muslim’ ‘free coffee and donuts’ ‘free conversation’ and ‘Ask a Muslim’ encouraging open and loving dialogue which garnered the attention of The New York Times, NPR, People Magazine, The Huffington Post, Al-Jazeera, and other media outlets. Currently she is working on her second collection of poems and her first work of nonfiction on Islamic Spirituality through the lens of other spiritual traditions. She is working towards her Masters in Divinity.